Beach Accessories

What's an outfit without accessories? The same can be said about a beach outfit. Beachwear needs beach accessories for it to be complete beach style!

Beach Accessories Hat Jewelry

At Beach Glam, we have a selection of beach fashion accessories that we believe will make you look fabulous both on or off the beach. From our beautiful, soft, paper straw hats that provide sun coverage when its hot outside to glamorous rhinestone headbands that make you look fabulous while keeping your hair out of your face. Our headwear is both fashionable yet functional.

Additionally, we have beach bags which allow you to hold your beach towels, sunscreen, sandals, and your favorite magazine. Their short round rattan handles make these straw bags sturdy and upright at all times while looking good. This tote is perfect for travel as well. Great to stroll through the market downtown whatever cute beach town you are exploring.

Lastly, our beach jewelry is unique yet sophisticated. We have many sparkly fashion jewelry and gold jewelry to complement your favorite swimsuit coverups. The added touch of glamour transforms your beach outfit from gorgeous to glitterati. The lightweight earrings sparkle at a distance and really pick up the colors of our sarongs, whereas the elastic bracelets are so easy to put on and accentuate the beading around the sleeves of our tunics.

Our beach accessories will always keep you looking stunning either on vacation or when the beach is nowhere in sight. Check out our range of birthstone jewelry (sapphire, opal, topaz, emerald, and aquamarine) which make great gifts for friends and family.