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As some of us experience the cooler temperatures of Fall, with the foliage changing colors to a kaleidoscope of earthy pastels, summer is the farthest from our mind. Laying on the beach or anywhere hot and sunny seems like a distant thought. Some may define this as having beachwear blues--- longing for weather to wear beachwear and relax in the sun. Some of us take winter vacations and can take advantage of cruise/resort collections which are limited edition capsule beachwear and resort wear collections, whereas others can only enjoy beach kaftans and accessories during the summer months.


What is Beachwear Blues?

Beachwear blues is not only wishing for summer weather, but also the celebration of blue-colored beachwear and beach accessories. For example, beautiful turquoise beach tunics, aqua silk sarongs, or topaz gemstone jewelry, among other beach style. Blue, the color, evokes calmness and tranquility. It is a reminder of the ocean and sea and its relaxing, peaceful nature. Blue also has many shades and hues hence making it a great color that everyone looks good wearing.


Beachwear Blues Trends

Regarding Beachwear Blue Trends, fashion lovers always appreciate a good statement blue outfit; whether it be the boldness of royal blue or uniqueness of cobalt blue. A beach dress can be worn in various settings from an exclusive beach club to walking around a beach town when window shopping.


Beachwear Versatility

What makes beachwear so great also is its versatile nature. You can easily transition a silk tunic from beach to dinner date. A Beach Glam silk tunic on its own is great to wear to the beach as it provides light coverage with its sheer fabric however the glamorous hand beading keeps you looking fabulous when paired with your favorite swimwear. Alternatively, it can be worn with a pair of skinny jeans or shorts and high heels for a more dressy look.


Best Beachwear Blues

See some blue beachwear and resortwear looks from your favorite bloggers/ models as well as some of our Beach Glam blue beachwear top picks.

    Beachwear Blues


Amazonite and Gold Earrings

Beach Glam Amazonite and Gold Earrings


    Beachwear Blues                                         


Turquoise and Silver Beachwear

Beach Glam Turquoise & Silver Silk Tunic      


Electric Blue Beach Kaftan                       

Beach Glam Electric Blue Silk Kaftan


 Pily Q Beachwear Blues

Pily Q 2015 Collection                  

Colin Heaney Beachwear

Colin Heaney Collection