Sprinkle some Sparkle | Beach Fashion Jewelry

 Sprinkle some Sparkle

Spring has officially sprung and I am so excited! I constantly find myself daydreaming about exotic summer beach vacations in Bodrum, Mallorca, Capri, and Monaco. My favorite time of year is summer. I love lounging poolside, listening to “summer songs” while wearing my favorite monokini, beach kaftan, and drinking champagne. However, the one beach fashion accessory that I have noticed is difficult to find is lightweight, sparkly, glamorous jewelry that is easy to travel with and easy to take on and off.


What is Beach Fashion Jewelry?

I love to make purchases that are versatile and I can get many different uses. Hence, I personally prefer not to buy fashion jewelry that has a “summer theme.” I prefer buying sparkly jewelry with colors which remind me of the ocean or will match my swimwear and beachwear. For example, these aquamarine sparkly earrings are my absolute favorite, followed by the half beaded/ half gold chain bracelets. What makes these such a great purchase is that they can be worn all year round. So although, you can look like a beach goddess in this gorgeous jewelry, it is not exclusively meant to be worn at the beach.


Beach Fashion Jewelry Trends

Bold colors are always a must-have! There is nothing like a simple, beachy outfit with some bold sapphire blue gemstone and crystal earrings or the endless sparkles from the iridescent chandelier opal earrings. Jewelry is also popular for gifts: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and Bridesmaid Favors. A woman can never have too much jewelry!


Best Beach Glam Fashion Jewelry

I would be biased to select any of our jewelry, so here I will leave a collage of all the Beach Glam blue jewelry --- earrings and bracelets. Theses jewels make me immediately think of a luxurious resort vacation in the Caribbean, such as St. Barth, Turks and Caicos or Mustique.

Blue Fashion Jewelry by Beach Glam